What we do

Find – renovate – rent

Our full-service offering includes :

Project Definition

Finding a Property

Complete Renovation and Development Management

Rental Services

Project Definition


We help you understand what type of project fits your budget and down payment possibilities. Frequently, this involves crafting a project that finances itself. We then help you lay out a business plan with supporting documents for the bank. Our budgeting process is notably conservative (e.g. taking into account laws and regulations on rent caps). We can also assist with french tax matters (LMNP, SCI, IR vs. IS, etc.).


Finding a property

We always make sure you get the best price, taking into account neighborhood trends and considering resell potential.
If you are unable to be physically present at any point during the process, we are willing and able to represent you (notaries, administrative paperwork, etc.).

Complete Renovation and development management

Our close relationships with skilled artisans means that you’re sure to find furnishings and decor that both matches your tastes and ensures your property remains well-positioned on the rental market.
If architectural work becomes necessary, we can connect you with a partner from our network of respected architects with whom we work on a regular basis (separate pricing).


Rental services

We make sure your property is photographed by a professional and listed on leading real estate sites. We also take care of visites, drafting rental agreements, move-in inventories, etc., and we only recommend tenants with solid files and sufficient guarantees.We can also offer rental management services after the property is rented out (separate pricing).

As a full-service firm, we are willing and able to manage your project from A to Z. However, we welcome your participation and input at any stage of the process should you wish to be more involved.