For a property under €500,000 (please contact us if above this amount):

Our full-service offering costs €15,500 TTC.

This covers all the services described on the “What we do” page. Services that may require additional charges include:

  • Construction costs paid directly to contractors
  • Furnishings
  • If necessary, considerable architectural work. This will be discussed with you when you select your property. We have close relationships with experienced architects who can assist with any serious needs.

If you have already found a property, our service offering costs €8,500 TTC.

Our property finding services cost €7,000 TTC.

After renting out your property, our monthly rental management services cost €80 per month.

If you have a property for sale, our transparent prices are as follows:

up to €400.000 : 11.000

above €400.000 : 12.000